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Detail-Oriented • Light-Hearted • Collaborative

Light-Hearted • Collaborative

CEO + Lead Planner

That’s me! I’m Rochelle Joseph, founder and Lead Planner of R&J Events, Houston Wedding Planner. For me, the only thing better than spending quality time with my wonderful family is being able to guide fun-loving couples through a journey of a lifetime.

some of my favorites


Coffee, at least until it’s wine-time




Carbs in any shape or form


Harry Potter

Hufflepuff House
(hard work, patience, loyalty)


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Associate Planner

Hi! I'm Savanna, Houston native and Texas A&M graduate, currently living in Galveston. My favorite part of weddings is the few moments before the doors open and the bride walks down the aisle. It is so special to watch them feel all the emotions and get ready for the moment they've been waiting for! When I'm not planning weddings, you can find me traveling, scuba diving, and spending time at the beach with friends.

some of my favorites


Happy Hours




Mexican Food



(especially Fall scented)


Rom Coms

After graduating college and moving to Houston, Rochelle landed a job in commercial property management. It was with this job that she learned so much about planning events: From contract negotiation, to how to quickly problem-solve, to effective layouts.

And while she enjoyed her time there, she didn’t quite feel fulfilled. It wasn’t until she was (lovingly) coerced into helping plan her sister’s wedding that she realized how different weddings could be, and it was really the emotional element that pulled her in. After helping her plan, she thought maybe she wanted to be a wedding planner.

She took a year to learn about the intricacies of weddings and we’ll be honest — she said "I wasn’t fully confident I could do it (it is a ton of work!)." But after a lot of research, education, and working with mentors, she decided to take the leap and say “I do” to what is now R&J Events.

"When I first started planning, I knew I was in my element. It felt natural to work with so many amazing, inspiring, and adoring couples. However, I quickly noticed a pattern. Couple after couple were coming to me saying they felt like they were drowning in a seemingly never-ending to-do list."

The Journey That Led R&J Events to You 

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But what are the couples saying?

This is why R&J Events exists —to guide and reassure couples through what is supposed to be one of the most exciting times of their life.

Rochelle Grew up in New York and North Carolina

Earned her Bachelor’s degree in the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains

Moved to Houston in 2016

Fell in love with planning and executing weddings and other events

founded R&J Events

We always strive to upkeep our education about the industry, planning techniques, and best business practices. You could say we're a bunch of wedding nerds, but it’s all to accomplish what matters most: Creating a positive and productive experience for our clients.

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